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Let's make one thing very clear before we go any further. On this site, you won't be finding any "guaranteed to win" roulette systems. The reason for this is simple; they don't exist and any sites that tell you other wise should be avoided. While no strategy can ever be guaranteed (it's a game of chance), there are many systems and money management strategies that players can use which have been covered, in detail, on this website.

Furthermore, we have a wide range of information on the basics of that game such as how to play, odds, rules, payouts and we even have a wide range of free games to practice on. Regardless of your level of experience, everything you need to know has been covered right here.

Play For Real Money Online

Many of the people coming to this website looking for information about roulette are doing so because they want to play for real money online. There are hundreds of online casinos to choose from and due to varying levels of quality, customer service and reliability, choosing a casino is a strategy in itself.

We only recommend casinos where we have personally played and successfully cashed out our winnings with no questions asked and no BS. There far too many casinos that make players jump through hoops to get their winnings, make them wait weeks on end or don't even pay them at all.

In our opinion, when players are risking their money, they're entitled to be paid in a timely manner when they win and that's why we recommend the casinos to the right. All of them are huge, established UK brands worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

Because they're so big and established, they can afford to pay winning players. Less known, shoestring budget casinos don't always have the cash flow to pay winners, and that's why it's better to just avoid those kinds of casinos altogether.

Best Online Roulette Casinos August 2015
1 - William Hill Casino
William HillThe largest and best known gambling company in the UK. William Hill pay winning players with 24 hours.
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2 - Betfair
BetfairTable limits of £0.10 to £500 make Betfair one of the most flexible casinos for roulette games.
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3 - Bet365
Bet365Over 14 million customers in 200 countries, Bet365 pay winning players within 6 hours, no questions asked, no funny business. Join Now
4 - Betfred
BetFredAnother well known company from the UK high street. Betfred pay winners within 24 hours.
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