Playtech Roulette Review

PlaytechPlaytech are the largest provider of casino software, powering some of the web’s best casinos such as Betfair, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power.

What we are going to do here is review the roulette games that you find at Playtech, a broad look at some of the other games on offer, which casinos are the best and then we will look at some scams and rip offs that you need to be aware of.

Playtech Roulette Games

Playtech has long been the best provider for roulette games because the graphics and general game play are of a higher quality than you find elsewhere. On top of that, you get unlimited free spins and at the casinos we recommend, flexible table limits with Betfair having the widest spread of limits that you’re going to find, 10p – £5000.

If you would like to test out Playtech roulette games for free, you can do on in our free section. We have 10 free games, all of which are powered by a combination of Ladbrokes and Playtech. When we were creating the free section, we could’ve got the games from numerous other software providers but we chose Playtech because they are the best

Betfair Roulette GamesHere are the different roulette games that you will find at most Playtech casinos. You can also click on the image to the right to see the roulette menu at Betfair.

European – The standard roulette game with a single 0 and a 2.7% house advantage.

American – The less favourable American version of the game with an additional green slot, the 00 which pushes the house edge up to 5.26%.

French – A single 0 game that has the better odds than the European games thanks to losing outside bets paying back half when the zero hits.

Premium Software – Each of the three games above have an upgraded version with better graphics known as premium, giving you six games in total. All of them can be played for free in our free games section.

Multiplayer – You won’t find this at every Playtech casino, but some of them have multiplayer European games. The game play and graphics are exactly the same as the regular games but you’re playing with other people around the world and you can see both how much and where they’re betting on every spin. Paddy Power are one of the casinos to offer multiplayer games.

Video – The best graphics can be found here. The results are determined by a random number generator (RNG) like any other roulette game but the graphics are on another level. These games have much higher table limits as well with Paddy Power video roulette having a maximum bet of £25,000 and Ladbrokes going all the way up to £250,000.

Marvel – This is like any other roulette game but there’s an additional slot which goes towards a progressive jackpot. The jackpot is based on popular Marvel characters such as Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk,

Mini – A miniature version of the game with just 13 slots. We have a free mini roulette game in the free section although you should be aware of the house edge which is over 7% – much higher than any roulette game.

Best Playtech Casinos

#1 – Betfair Casino

BetfairBetfair have the most flexible table limits that you will find at any Playtech casino such as 10p – £5000 for roulette. Withdrawals are the fastest you will find at Playtech – less than 12 hours. Join Now

#2 – Paddy Power Casino

PaddypowerPaddy Power are the largest bookmaker in Ireland and they also have many shops in England and Wales. They pay out within 24 hours and have many high limit games for big players. Join Now

#3 – Ladbrokes Casino

LadbrokesA huge name from the UK high street and the provider of our free games. You can rest assured with Ladbrokes that your money is safe, the games are fair and that you will be paid when you win. Join Now

#4 – William Hill Casino

William HillWilliam Hill are another well known and established UK company that you can trust with your money and for a fair game. They pay out in less than 24 hours with no problem. Join Now

Playtech Scams

While Playtech are a great platform with many above board and fast paying casinos to choose from as shown above, there’s also plenty of scams and dodgy Terms & Conditions from individual casinos that you need to be aware of and avoid altogether.

Pending Period On Withdrawals – Something that we’ve repeated time and again is that online casinos should pay winning players on the same day they make a withdrawal with no waiting and no messing around.

This is a view that a lot of Playtech casinos don’t share with us because they add a “Pending Period” on to withdrawals which is often 4 days. Your withdrawal quite literally sits and does nothing for 4 days before they even look at it.

Even when the pending period passes, it takes some casinos a few additional days to actually process the withdrawal and some don’t process withdrawals at weekends which delays it further still. It’s quite common for pending periods and lack of weekend withdrawals to push the overall time up to 7 days which is completely unacceptable.

Even well known and established casinos such as and Mansion Casino apply pending periods to the withdrawals and the reason why they do it is because they don’t want to pay you. During the pending period, you can reverse your withdrawal and that’s exactly what they want so that they never have to actually pay you.

It’s a rip off and we recommend that you avoid all casinos with a pending period and stick to the casinos above that pay out within 24 hours with none of these underhand tactics.

Withdrawal Limits On Jackpot Wins – There are several jackpots to be won at Playtech casinos, mostly on slot machines but Marvel Roulette is another example of a jackpot game.

Here’s how these games work – different casinos from the same software developer, in this case Playtech, opt into the jackpot games and the overall jackpot amount that you see is the result of each casino putting money into the pot as more people play and attempt to win the jackpot.

Casinos love these jackpots because when someone wins, the money doesn’t come out of their own pocket – it comes from each casino that chipped into the pot along the way. The casino then gets a lot of media coverage and positive PR when they pay out on the jackpot win.

However, some dodgy casinos have monthly withdrawal limits that apply to everybody with no exceptions, including jackpot winners. In 2009, there was an unprecedented rip off when a Canadian lady won over $4 million at Joyland Casino ( but she couldn’t withdraw her money because they had a maximum withdrawal limit of $9,000 per month, meaning it would take 39 years for her to withdraw her money.

It gets worse, the casino manager then made a “deal” with her to pay half of the money straight away but the rest would be forfeit. She reluctantly took the deal and the casino robbed her of $2 million, even though it wasn’t their money in the first place. Absolute rip off.

Our advice is to avoid any casino that has monthly withdrawal limits. None of the casinos above have any limits to worry about and we have seen people win 5 figure sums during (lucky) sessions and cash out with no problems.

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