Free Mini Roulette Game

This isn’t really a game you can test different strategies on because there are only 13 numbers, hence the name Mini Roulette. We’ve added it here purely for fun and to give you something different to play on.

In Mini roulette, there are 6 reds, 6 blacks and a zero. The Payouts for the Even Chance bets remain the same as a regular European Roulette Game. Other bets such as Straight Up, Splits and Corners have obviously been scaled down to suit the reduced numbers on the wheel.

If you run out of money, just click on “Bank” which will enable you to deposit all the play for fun money that you like. Please be patient and allow a moment or two for it to load.

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More About Mini Roulette

The biggest problem with this game is that the house edge is 7.69% which is considerably higher than American roulette (5.26%) which is traditionally the roulette variation with the highest odds. To try and compensate for this, the developers have programmed it to pay back half of losing bets when the 0 hits, reducing the house edge down to 3.85% which is an easier pill to swallow.

Due to the high house edge, some players have described Mini roulette as a game that looks cute and cheerful but is actually evil, I shall leave you to be the judge. Either way, if you want to play for real money, you would be better off playing the European or French alternatives which have much better odds.