Free Premium American Roulette Game

This is a free American roulette game with the upgraded, Premium graphics from Playtech. As pointed out numerous times on this website, the house edge for American roulette is 5.26% compared to European and French which have a 2.7% house edge (1.35% for even money bets on French roulette). When you’re playing for free online, it doesn’t really matter because obviously there’s no money on the line.

However, if you’re intending to play for real money at some point then you would be better off skipping American roulette and going for the European or French variants instead which have better odds. All reputable online casinos such as the ones that we recommend have multiple variations of roulette to choose from, so with the better odds so easily accessible, it really makes no sense to play this game online for real money.

It is worth pointing out though American roulette is played in land based casinos throughout the USA, as well as high end casinos in Europe, especially London. Many of our readers are playing for fun here and reading our strategy articles in preparation for a trip to a casino, so if that’s you and if the casino you’re visiting only offers American roulette, then of course you would be better of practicing on this game. More information about the customisation that’s available can be found below. Click here to go back to our list of free roulette games.

This free American roulette game is powered by Ladbrokes and you can play it for real money, safe in the knowledge that the game is fair, your money is secure and that you will be paid within 24 hours when you make a withdrawal with no hassle.

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As with all our games, if you run out of money, you can deposit as much as you want by clicking on “cashier” in the bottom left hand corner. If you want to turn the animation off for faster play, you can do this in the top right hand corner via the options menu.

One thing that’s unique about the games with the premium graphics is the auto play option which can run for a maximum of 99 spins, although you can only use flat betting with the auto play rather than progressions. You can also save your favourite bet combinations by clicking on the star in the bottom right hand corner.

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