Free Premium French Roulette Game

French roulette is the variation of the game that has the best odds because losing bets on Red/Black, Odd/Even and 1-18/19-36 pay back half when the 0 hits. It is pretty much the same as our other French game with the only difference being the upgraded Premium graphics.

As with our other games that are powered by the premium graphics, you can change the colour of the board, the direction the wheel spins and your view of the table in the top left hand corner. These are only cosmetic changes that don’t influence the game other than the looks so there’s no harm in playing around with it and finding the look that you like most.

More instructions can be found below, please give the it a moment or two to load. Click here to go back to our list of free roulette games.

This free French roulette game is powered by Ladbrokes and you can play it for real money, safe in the knowledge that the game is fair, your money is secure and that you will be paid within 24 hours when you make a withdrawal with no hassle.

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If you’ve never played French roulette before, you may have noticed that the layout of the table is different from European and American roulette, with various betting positions in different places and French writing as well. These changes are only minor and you soon get used to them, the only major difference is that there are now two places to bet on the Dozens at the bottom of the table – P12, M12 and D12.

Neighbour and Announce Bets

The most complicated thing about French roulette, especially for new players, are the Neighbour and Announce bets because they’re accessed via a menu in the bottom right hand corner and they’re written in French.

The Neighbour bets are really simple; all they do is bet on a number and the immediate numbers that are either side of it. To begin with, you need to choose the numbers of Neighbours you want to bet on (from 1-4) and then you click on the number and a bet will automatically be placed on it, along with the number of Neighbours you selected. For example, if you chose 4 Neighbours, a bet will be placed and your chosen number and the 4 numbers that are either side of it on the wheel, a 9 number bet in total.

The “Finales en plein” are the same as the Final bets in European roulette, so a bet on “Finales en plein 3″ will place a bet on all the numbers ending in 3 which are: 3, 13, 23 and 33.

The “Finales en cheval” are mostly a combination of Split bets across the table that end in the same numbers. For example, a bet on “Finales en cheval 4/7” will place the following 3 Split bets: 4-7, 14-17 and 24-27.

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