Roulette System Reviews

Roulette System ReviewsWe’ve all seen them – roulette systems that promise the world and easy cash with claims such as “guaranteed to win” and how about “$3000 per day”. But what are these systems actually like in the real world?

In this section of the website we review various systems and software programs that are being sold or given away for free. In general, we only add reviews to this section if the creator claims that their system beats roulette or if their system comes with an asking price.

Is There A Roulette System That Works?

As we’ve pointed out several times throughout this website, there’s no way a betting system can beat a casino game over the long term of play unless it overcomes the odds of the game and puts them in favour of the player and roulette is no different, despite what many of the websites listed below will tell you.

All of the reviews below come from real experience either from us or our readers. If you would like to get in touch with us about a system that isn’t reviewed below, you can do so here. If you want to read about roulette strategies without hype and false promises, you can do so on our list of roulette strategies.

Update 2021

The reviews below are several years old and many of the programs below no longer exist. 10 years ago, some of these systems were very popular and that’s probably because internet users in general were more naive back then, allowing systems like the ones below to dupe many people.

As time’s gone on, roulette players have smartened up to the sales pitches and promises of easy winnings and as a result, the websites below have slowly disappeared. There are still the odd few that are live and while new ones don’t pop up at anything like the rate they did in the past, they’re often just rehashes of the systems below. For that reason, these reviews will be left here both for your entertainment and because anything new will almost certainly just be one of the systems below, repackaged under a new name.

Roulette Bot Plus – This is a very widespread scam that’s promoted as an easy (and free) way to make money, often via annoying pop up windows. The sales material may be convincing to people who don’t know any better, but this is one you need to avoid.

Roulette Sniper – This is a software program that’s been very lucrative for its author with high sales figures dating all the way back to 2007. Sadly, the program does not come close to matching the hype and in 2021, it’s very outdated.

Roulette Assault – This is from the same person that designed Roulette Sniper. It’s an automated betting software that plays automatically to the settings provided by the user. While it’s unlikely to win any meaningful money over the long term, it is much better than Roulette Sniper and can be used for testing a limited set of systems that it’s coded with.

Roulette Secrets Uncovered – This is a website that provides free systems. The author claims to be a freelance casino software consultant and that he’s able to exploit flaws. Needless to say, the whole thing is nonsense.

World Best Roulette System – A convincing website that tells readers what they want to hear but in the end, we have no problem in labelling as a fraud because it has absolutely no chance of winning real money – even though it wins every time in fun mode. If you only take one piece of advice on this website it would be to avoid this system.

Roulette Killer – Another website with a lot of sales hype about a 25 year old winning easy money from online casinos, complete with pictures of a Porsche 911 Turbo and a bank balance of over €600,000. It’s a software program that bases its “predictions” off of the last 10 spins for the outside bets. It doesn’t work.

Roulette Bot Pro – Not to be confused with the similarly named Roulette Bot Plus. This is an automated software program that’s very similar to Roulette Assault although it’s more expensive and like any software program, is unlikely to win over the long term of play.

Money Maker Machine – Probably not the most appropriate name, but this is a a collection of automated software programs that are far more user configurable than any other software program. In some cases, the only limit to the systems these software programs can use is your imagination. These are the best software programs available, but that doesn’t mean they will win.

Roulette Number – This is a software program that bets on single numbers and utilizes a slow progression by increasing bets by just 1p when necessary. It’s a very convincing website with lots of “proof” of winnings but it falls well short of the expectations set by the sales pitch.

Sumorobo – This is pretty much an exact copy of Roulette Bot Plus. Both websites look the same, the claims made by both websites are the same and the “business model” behind them is the same. To sum it up very quickly, Sumorobo is just another casino promotion scam that’s disguised as a software program that will help you win.

Roulette Exploit – Yet another website that claims there are exploitable online casinos and easy money to be won. They’ve even gone to the length of telling you to lose on purpose every now and then so that you can blend in and remain undetected. Pretty much everything they say is a complete lie.

Roulette Wizard – This is a website that was reported to us by one of our visitors. They claim that you can win £500 per day at online casinos with their system that has a 98.88% success rate. Needless to say, this is another scam.

Roulette Software – You may have noticed that many of the systems above are actually software programs. This page lists all of the different reviews we have of software programs as well as talking more on the history of them, how they came to be, what the business model is behind them and why they ultimately don’t work.

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