Roulette Assault Review

Roulette Assault is an automated software program, meaning that once set up it can play all by itself without any input from the player and at a price tag of just less than $50, it is the cheapest automated roulette bot that you can buy. It is capable of playing at 4 different software platforms with the most notable one being Playtech.

Does It Work?

That would depend on your interpretation of the word “work”. It works in the sense that once properly configured, it will play automatically, without crashing and it will play according to whatever settings you put into it.

If by “work” you mean will it win easy money, then the answer is no. However, unlike other software programs such as Roulette Killer and Roulette Bot Plus which are outright scams, Roulette Assault is not a scam because it can be a useful testing tool.

It has a mode called “Foreplay” which is very useful for Playtech testing. With that mode enabled, Roulette Assault will spin the wheel for free at any Playtech casino in real money mode for as long as you want and it will record all of the spins and data.

It will then cross reference those spins with the systems that are coded into it and tell you what “would” have happened if you were betting real money. The only problem with this is that you’re limited to cross referencing the spin data with the systems that are coded into Roulette Assault and you can’t use your own ideas.

In total, there are five different systems coded into it, most of which are based on some kind sleeper or pattern trigger and then it will bet according to the settings and wagering you set Roulette Assault up with.

The problem with these systems is that they don’t beat roulette, for example, one of the systems is “Double Dozens” which bets on two Dozens at the same time. The problem with betting on two Dozens at the same time is that you need to triple your bets after each loss, so just 6 consecutive losses means that your total loss stands at 728 (1+3+9+27+81+243 = 364×2 = 728). Here are the chances of the Dozen you’re not betting on hitting for 6 consecutive spins for both European and American Roulette:

European Roulette: (13/37)^6 = 0.1881% – This works out at a 1 in 531 chance.

American Roulette: (14/38)^6 = 0.2501% – This works out at a 1 in 399 chance.

What these numbers tell you is that you will win 531 (starting with a 1 £/$/€ bet) before you lose 728 over the long term of play. Your losing run could happen much quicker than that or it could take longer, the figures just show what you can expect from long term play. You can read more about these figures, the odds of encountering losing streaks and Martingale progressions on our detailed section on the Martingale roulette system.

While Roulette Assault is very good for testing Martingale and sleeper systems with its foreplay mode for long periods of time, you would need to do extensive testing before putting any real money on the line and you would need to make sure you were using low wagers with realistic profit and stop loss settings.

Setting It Up

The interface of the software is well designed and easy to use, albeit a little confusing upon first sight. You will need to set aside at least an hour to get used to all of the different settings and to help you through this process, there are several instructional videos on the website that guide you through both the settings and the set up of various casinos.


As pointed out higher up, Roulette Assault is not a scam like other programs, but it’s not a magic money making tool either. If you played for real money with super cautious settings every day for a year, you would still probably lose more than you would win. It should be viewed more as a testing tool and nothing else. The problem is that as a testing tool, it’s rather limited because you can’t put your own systems or ideas into it.

Despite those rather harsh words, it does come with a 2 day free trial that you can access without having to submit any payment information so you can download it and test it out for yourself. It’s also the cheapest roulette bot that you’re going to find and with the exception of the Money Maker Machine software (daft name), no other bots have noticeably more systems or user configuration either.

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