Roulette Bot Pro Review

Roulette Bot Pro is an automated software program and was the first of its kind in early 2009. Since its release, several copycat versions have been released of varying levels of quality. Please keep in mind that Roulette Bot Pro is not to be confused with the similarly named Roulette Bot Plus which is an outright scam. Read about that in our Roulette Bot Plus Review.

The main competition for Roulette Bot Pro is Roulette Assault. Both of them are automated bots, meaning they can spin the wheel and play without any input from the player once configured. They look very similar, have similar systems coded into them and both can be used to test systems against real money spins that they can collect without risking any money (in Playtech casinos which allow a free spin).

On the plus side, Roulette Bot Pro is capable of working with 10 different casino platforms, including a no zero roulette wheel, albeit at a small online casino where we personally would not recommend playing. It also works on live roulette wheels which is a big plus point. On the downside, it has less systems than Roulette Assault and at $97 it is pretty much double the price.

The biggest downside of all though is the same problem that Roulette Assault has – none of the systems programmed into it are effective enough to win at roulette over the long term of play. The 4 systems that are coded into Roulette Bot Pro are as follows:

1). Sleepers – This is a regular Martingale System where the program will wait until something hasn’t hit for a few spins and then bet on it, for example, bet on a Dozen when it hasn’t hit for 10 spins. This is user configurable and you can set it as aggressive or conservative as you like.

2). Reverse Sleepers – This is almost the opposite of the system above. It waits until a certain part of the wheel has hit for a few spins, and then bet on everything else. For example, if a Line has hit for 3 spins in a row, bet on the other 11 lines.

3). Super Singles – This is basically the same as the system you get from the much hyped Roulette Number software. It bets on a single number using a custom progression of your choosing.

4). Complex Math Proportional Probabilities – Quite a mouthful, but easy enough to understand. It works off the theory that if you spin a European wheel 37 times, while it’s unlikely that all 37 numbers will hit, a large percentage of the numbers should. It’s a system that works in 37 spin cycles with a possible three step progression.

The best thing about Roulette Bot Pro is that it can spin the wheel on real money Playtech games for free and collect the data, cross reference the spin data with the systems and tell you what “would” have happened if real money was on the line. In short, it has a real money simulator based on real spins that it collects. It also has an RNG simulator where it generates its own spins in a matter of seconds.


If you buy Roulette Bot Pro or any other software program for that matter with the expectation of letting it run to win easy money, you will end up very disappointed indeed. If you played for a year with ultra cautious settings, you would still probably lose more than you would win.

Programs like this should be viewed as testing tools and nothing more. The problem for Roulette Bot Pro is that it’s limited to testing the systems that are already coded into it. All the user can do is change the wagering and the betting triggers (bet on Red after 5 Blacks in a row, or bet on Red after 8 Blacks in a row instead and so on). Users cannot program it with their own unique ideas or systems which puts a serious limitation on the software.

Also at a purchase price of $97 it is expensive for a limited testing tool. It does have a 3 day unlimited free trial which can be accessed without having to surrender any payment information so you can always give it a try. If you do have a look at the free trial, we would recommend using it only with the real money simulator and using it for testing purposes only rather than jumping straight into a real money game.

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