Free European Roulette Game

This is our free European roulette game from the software developer, Playtech. You can play for free for as long as you like, perfect for testing any of the roulette strategies that we have listed or your own ideas.

As the name suggests, European roulette is played mainly in Europe, although you will find it at some high stake rooms in Las Vegas. It has a house advantage of 2.7% and in terms of the Internet, this is by far the most popular variation of roulette.

Quick Tips Before You Play

If you run out of money, it’s no problem at all. Just click on “Bank” and then you can “Deposit” as much play for fun money as you want. You can also turn off the animation if you want, this means that you won’t have to watch the ball spin around on every single spin.

To do this, hover your mouse over the spanner in the top right corner, then click on “Options,” then click on “Game Settings,” and then after that click on “Fast Play”. Please be patient and give it a moment or two to load.

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Similar Games

Due to the popularity of European roulette, numerous variations can be found online, including right here on this website, so here are a few other variations that have the same fundamental rules but additional bets or different graphics.

Roulette Pro – This is exactly the same as the game above but it has all of the Call bets which can be found in a menu in the bottom left corner of the game.

Premium European Roulette – This game has the upgraded Premium graphics and it has a full Racetrack with all of the Call bets inside it.

3D Roulette – Totally different graphics can be found here in a semi-successful attempt to create a “3D” look. It has visual customization available and it also has a Racetrack with Call bets.