Free French Roulette Game

French roulette is very similar to the European variation of the game, but the zero pays back half of losing (outside) bets, for example, if you placed a £5 bet on Red and the 0 hit, you would get £2.50 back. It’s not as good as a win, but it’s certainly better than losing altogether which is what happens on European and American roulette.

Due to this rule, the French version has better odds than any other variation of roulette, making this one of our more popular games. Full instructions can be found below, please give it a moment or two to load.

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First, let’s get the basics out of the way. As with the other games that you may have already played, you can deposit more money by clicking on “cashier” in the bottom left hand corner of the game. You can also turn the animation off (meaning you don’t have to watch the ball spin around) by clicking on the spanner in the top right hand corner and then going into the options menu.

How To Play French Roulette

You may have noticed that the layout of the wheel is different to other roulette games with some of the writing being in French, for example, the Odd bet is also listed as “Impair” which is the French translation. Some of the bet positions have been changed as well, most noticeably the Dozen bets which can now be found below the Red and Black bets, labeled as P12, M12 and D12.

Neighbour and Announce Bets

In the bottom right hand corner you will see the Neighbour and Announce bets, the later of which are written in French. Let’s go through both of them in a bit more detail.

Neighbour Bets – These are the same as the Neighbour bets in any other roulette game. All you do is click on a number and then a bet will be placed on the numbers and its neighbours on the wheel, hence the name.

You can choose the number of Neighbours you bet on either side of your chosen number from 1 either side (a 3 number bet in total) to 4 either side (a 9 number bet in total). The Neighbours are a great way to cover a large slice of the wheel with just a few clicks.

Announce Bets – These are pretty much the same as the Call bets that can be found in the Racetrack on other games such as our Premium European Game but they’re listed in a table (in French) instead. There’s also a few additions as well – the “Jeu” and “cheval” bets.

The “Finales en plein” are the same as the Final bets on a European game, for example, “Finales en plein 8” will bet on all the numbers ending in the number eight – 8, 18 and 28.

There’s also the “Finales en cheval” which are mostly a combination of split bets, for example, “Finales en cheval 5/8” is three split bets – 5-8, 15,18 and 25-28.

If you enjoy the French variation of the game, you may want to have a go on our Premium French Roulette Game which has the same rules as the game above but with upgraded graphics.