World Best Roulette System Scam

This is an insidious piece of work. There are a lot of roulette system scams as you’re probably well aware, but ranks up there with the worst. Michael Davis (probably a fake name) has been operating this scam for a long time; he started it in 2006 – nearly 15 years of scamming! Update: in 2021, the website now redirects to a bitcoin scam instead.

The website is carefully designed to tell players what they want to hear, with lots of fake testimonials and yellow highlighted text. It’s a typical get rich quick sales page from the mid 00’s. The system itself is software program that uses a cover the table type system because it covers 35 numbers with 35 Straight Up bets. Let’s say that you’re betting $1 on each number, that would mean you bet $35 on every single spin, winning $1 each time one of your 35 numbers hits and losing $35 when the two numbers you’re not betting on hit.

Here’s where it becomes fraudulent. Before purchasing, you can download a demo of the software which can only be used in the free (play for fun) mode of online casinos. With the demo, it looks at the previous numbers, then it starts betting on 35 numbers, winning over and over again. You can leave it running for hours and it will keep on winning over and over again.

People win so much with the demo in fun mode that they decide to hand money to over to Michael Davis so that they can get the real version and win real money. The problem is that the real money version does not work at all and random betting could get the same results. It just doesn’t work.

Why Does It Work In Fun Mode But Not For Real?

A lot of fun modes from online casinos do not require an Internet connection in order to play the games – go ahead and try it for yourself. Because of this, some of the play for fun roulette games (especially from Playtech) are nothing but a pre determined list of numbers.

This means that if you do your research and gather all of the numbers, you could work out where you are in sequence at any given time and that’s exactly what happens with the demo from World Best Roulette System. While it can win in fun mode (because it’s exploiting the list of numbers), this information is utterly useless in real money mode.

This isn’t something new and scammers have been exploiting it for years – just take a look at this forum thread from 2006 which is basically someone asking about the same kind of thing but from a different seller. Michael Davis knows exactly what he’s doing with this con and it’s much more than a roulette system that doesn’t work – it’s a long surviving online fraud.

In terms of price, he’s charged various large amounts for it over the years via questionable methods such as Liberty Reverse so that getting a refund was almost impossible. In the past, you would pay for the software directly from his website for $497 via an online form, but now there’s no purchase form and you need to contact him to arrange payment. The current price tag is a whopping $1500. That’s part of the psychology though; people think to themselves: “I’ve won so much in fun mode and the system is expensive – it must work!”

When you search online, there are literally countless complaints and I’m amazed that this scam has survived for so long. One purchaser even uploaded a video to YouTube which you can watch below. If you take note of the balance at the start of the video you will see that it loses more than it wins and a quick glance through the comments will reveal many other dissatisfied customers who only found the video after they too had been scammed. Here’s the video:

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