Money Maker Machine Roulette Systems Review

First, let’s address the “Elephant in the room” here; the name of this program is “Money Maker Machine” which isn’t the most appropriate name because this program, while a very good testing tool (the best) is certainly no money making machine. Such a thing doesn’t exist with roulette. From here on out, I shall refer to it as MMM.

So, MMM is a collection of automated software programs that cost $50 each. You are not paying for a system with these tools; you’re paying for a software program that you code your own system into. In total there are 9 different programs which can perform varying tasks.

The main competition for MMM are Roulette Bot Pro and Roulette Assault, both of which are automated bots with real money simulator modes. As pointed in our reviews for both of those programs, they’re severely limited in terms of testing because you can only run tests based on the systems that are already coded into them.

This isn’t a problem for MMM because it too has a real money simulator mode but because you program it with the systems yourself, in some cases the only limit to the system is you imagination. Here are the main 3 programs that they offer:

RBS – This stands for Red Black Systems. With this, you can code any system you want based on Red and Black betting with a maximum of 66 steps.

DCS – This stands for Dozens Columns Systems and as you’ve probably guessed, you can code any system you want based on the Dozens and Columns with a limit of 33 steps.

RSS Pro – This stands for Roulette Scripter Studio and with it, you can code any system you want based on all of the different roulette bets. This is the best tool for coding systems and testing them on real money roulette games. The down side to it is that there’s a steep learning curve which will be too much for some people.

To put the RSS Pro learning curve into perspective, one of the MMM members has compiled a video course to help users learn how to use the software which consists of over 170 tutorials and 20 hours worth of videos. So while this is undoubtedly the best tool for testing roulette systems at Playtech casinos, buyers should be aware of, and be prepared for the steep learning curve and a lot of trial and error throughout the learning process. MMM also have an active forum for members so you can always seek help and share ideas/experiences there as well.

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