Free American Roulette Game

This is an American roulette game with the two green slots (0 and 00) meaning that the house edge is 5.26% compared to European roulette which is only 2.7%. When it comes to playing roulette online for real money, there isn’t much point in playing the American variation because the European and French games with better odds are available at all reputable casinos, so why bother with the game that gives worse odds?

Still, a lot of our readers are from the USA and American roulette is played in land based casinos across the nation, including tourist destinations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. You even find the American version in some London casinos as well so if you’re visiting a casino in any of those places, this is the version of the game you should practice on.

Instructions can be found below. Please be patient and give it a moment or two to load.

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If you run our of money while playing, you can deposit as much play for fun money as you like by clicking on “cashier”. If you don’t want to watch the ball spin around the wheel on every spin, you can turn the animation off by hovering your mouse over the spanner in the top right hand corner and then clicking on “options”. From there, allow “fast play” and you will be able to get over 200 spins per minute if you can click the mouse fast enough.

If you would like to try another American game with different graphics, have a go on our Premium American Roulette game which has the same rules but with upgraded graphics and more customization options such as saving your favourite bets and it has the option of auto-play.