High Stakes Roulette Games

Every roulette game on the Internet has table limits that you need to play within. In simple terms, there’s a minimum bet that you can’t go below and there’s a maximum bet that you can’t go over. You tend to find that most online casinos have relatively low table limits that are catered to recreational players rather than high rollers.

What you are going to find below are high stakes roulette games that are available at UK reputable casinos with limits of up to £250,000 on the regular games and up to £200,000 on live games. We only list reputable casinos because it’s essential that the game is fair, your money is safe and you that will be paid if you win, especially when big money is on the line.

Up To Date Information – After searching online, we noticed that some other sites listing high stake roulette games are out date, some by several years. All the listings below are bang up to date for September 2018. Keep in mind that different roulette games at the same casino can have different limits and we will highlight all of this below.

#1 Royal Panda – Table Limit of £200,000

Royal Panda CasinoWhen it comes to high limit roulette, Royal Panda are the number one place to be. Their standard, software generated games have a table maximum that goes all the way up to £65,000 which is much higher than you’ll find elsewhere.

However, where you find the seriously high limits are on their live games which have a table maximum of £200,000. Best of all, the minimum is only £1 which means that the games are open to players of all sizes.

We’ve found that Royal Panda is very popular amongst players using progressive systems like the Martingale because the table limits allow for much more steps in the progression than you get at other casinos. Their casino can be found at RoyalPanda.com

#2 Betfair – Table Limit of £25,000 for Video Roulette

BetfairBetfair have always had a wide spread of table limits that caters to both low and high stake players. Their standard range of roulette games have 10p – £10,000 limits which is a much wider spread than you get at other UK casinos such as Bet365 and Betfred.

The highest limit game at Betfair is called Video Roulette which has incredible table limits of £0.20 – £25,000. It can be found in either the downloadable casino or directly on their casino website.

High Stakes Live Roulette At Betfair

The overall limits for the live games at Betfair are 10p – £10,000 – perfect for players of all sizes. In terms of the individual bets, Red/Black have limits of 10p – £5,000, Dozens/Columns are 10p – £2,500 and the Straight up number bets are 10p – £200.

What we like about Betfair is that they have a minimum bet of just 10p while still still maintaining a high maximum which is something you don’t get at other casinos. All of Betfair’s games can be accessed directly on their website or in their downloadable casino, both of which can be found at casino.betfair.com

#3 Paddy Power – Table Limit of £25,000 for Video Roulette

Paddy Power have been a destination for high rollers for a long time. To start with, most of their standard lobby roulette games have limits of 50p – £10,000.

The only slight downside is that individual bets are lower, for example, the maximum bet on Red/Black is £500. The maximum on a Dozen/Column is £3,000. The maximum on a Straight up bet (number) is £500.

Like Betfair, Paddy Power offer Video Roulette with the same table limits at £0.20 – £25,000. It can be found both directly on their casino website or in their downloadable casino, both of which can be found at casino.paddypower.com.

High Stakes Live Roulette At Paddy Power

The table limits for live roulette are far higher at Paddy Power than any of the other reputable UK casinos. The overall limits are £1 – £20,000 and each individual bet is open to high stakes, such as £1 – £12,000 for outside bets like Red/Black.

Paddy Power do not offer live games in their downloadable casino software. To play them, you need to go to the dedicated live casino section on their website which can be found at livecasino.paddypower.com.

#4 Ladbrokes – Table Limit of £250,000 for Video Roulette

LadbrokesLadbrokes have relatively modest limits for the majority of their games; the standard roulette games are 10p – £400 and the live games are £1 – £1,000. While these are still better than you get at most other casinos, they aren’t a match for Paddy Power or Betfair.

Due to these relatively low limits, it came as quite a shock when we learned that Video Roulette at Ladbrokes has a table maximum of £250,000 which is by far the highest we’ve ever seen. It is the ultimate high roller roulette game.

At first, we thought it was a mistake but we’ve spoken to the support staff and they’ve confirmed that the table limits are £1 – £250,000 which is probably the widest spread in any casino, both online and in real casinos. This game is available both on the Ladbrokes website and in their downloadable casino, both of which can be accessed at casino.ladbrokes.com

Always remember to play responsibly and only place high stake bets it you’re comfortable with the risks and potential loss.

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