Free High Limit Roulette Game Net Entertainment

This is a game that follows standard European rules but it’s a high roller game, meaning the table limits are £25 – £65,000. Not many people play high stake roulette games for real money so this free game is a great way to place high wagers for fun without any of the risk. Some instructions and tips can be found below.

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How to Play

First thing’s first, the starting balance for this game is only £4,000 which is relatively low when you consider the table limits. Unlike the Playtech games, there’s no way to “deposit” play for fun money, so the only way to increase your balance is to win. If you run out of money, all you need to do is reload the page and you will be back to the starting balance of £4,000.

If you click on the spanner in the bottom left corner, you can edit the sound and enable quick spin which speeds up the ball for a faster game. Unlike the fast play option on most roulette games, this doesn’t turn the animation off entirely; it just speeds it up.

Hot and Cold Numbers

Like all the other games that we have from Net Entertainment, you will find hot and cold numbers when you load up the game. To give you the initial numbers when you start playing, the game takes the past 500 spins from people playing all over the world. Here’s what the numbers mean:

Hot Numbers – The top row shows the numbers which have hit the most over the past 500 spins, the bottom row shows how many times they’ve hit over the past 500 spins. To put things into perspective, over 500 spins, you can expect a number to hit 13 or 14 times.

Cold Numbers – The top row shows the 4 numbers that have gone the longest amount of spins without hitting and the bottom row shows how many spins since they last hit. This is the only Net Entertainment game where the cold numbers work in this way; in all the others they show you which numbers have hit the least over the past 500 spins but they don’t tell you how many spins since they last hit. This way is much better.