Stay Away From Bonuses When Playing Roulette

At, we hate online casino bonuses. We hate them with a passion because they come with Terms & Conditions that are not roulette friendly and as a result, accepting a bonus will result in you not being able to cash out any money you win, and at some rip off casinos, having your winnings confiscated altogether. The whole thing is a rip off but it’s one that’s easily avoided.

Understanding The Bonus

All online casinos offer bonuses to new players. In a lot of cases it will be a 100% bonus of up to £150, so if you deposit £150, you will also be given a £150 bonus, giving you £300 in total.

This sounds great on the surface but it probably won’t surprise you to hear that there are Terms & Conditions attached. There are two main terms that you need to be aware of. The first is that bonuses come with what’s called “wagering requirements” that need to be completed before you can cash out.

The second is that bets made on roulette games do not count towards the requirements. Let’s explain both of these terms in a little more detail and then explain exactly why you would be best off just avoiding the bonuses and how you go about doing that.

Wagering Requirements – This is different for each casino, but let’s use a typical example. You can expect the wagering requirements to be around 25X the bonus you received. So if your bonus was £100, you would have to wager £2500 before you could cash out.

If you try making a withdrawal before you’ve completed the wagering, it will be declined. At some rip off casinos they will actually confiscate any money you try and withdraw before completing the wagering requirements with no warning (apart from the Terms & Conditions small print).

What’s worse is that they will continue to confiscate any money you try and withdraw until the wagering requirements have been completed. Even if you lost the bonus and your original deposit money (setting your balance to 0) and then deposit more of your own money, they would still confiscate any money you try and withdraw, even though the bonus is long gone and you’re playing with your own money. It’s a complete scam.

Roulette Doesn’t Count Towards Wagering Requirements – This is the real killer and it’s why you should avoid bonuses if you’re playing roulette. Every single bet you make on roulette games does not count towards the wagering requirements at all.

This is because it’s classed as an “easy to wager” game and the casinos think that people could complete the wagering requirements too easily and with minimal risk by playing roulette with a “low risk” system such as flat betting. To sum it up very quickly, bonuses are aimed at slots and bingo players, not roulette and blackjack players.

How To Avoid Bonuses – Because roulette doesn’t count towards the wagering, you will never, ever be able to cash out any money you win if the only game you’re playing is roulette because you will obviously never complete the wagering.

How do you avoid all this hassle? Simple, just tell the casino that you do not want any bonuses. You must do this before you deposit any money though, or at the very latest, once you’ve deposited but haven’t yet played. As soon as you place a bet with bonus money, it’s too late to say that you don’t want a bonus so it’s absolutely crucial that you tell the casino before you start playing.

How do you tell them? There are numerous ways to get in touch with reputable online casinos such as the ones that we recommend. The three best ways are either by ringing them, speaking to them via a live chat window that you will see within the casino software, or by sending an email.

We would recommend that you call them because it gets it out of the way quickly. Once you’ve told them that you don’t want any bonuses, you can then play roulette and cash out any money that you win straight away with no messing around or wagering to worry about.

Lots Of People Losing Money To This Scam

Since originally writing this page, we’ve received a lot of emails from roulette players who’ve lost money to casino bonus Terms & Conditions and the general tone from people is regret – regret that they didn’t find this page sooner so that they could’ve just avoided bonuses in the first place and cashed out the money they won.

Let’s be clear here – online casinos offering a bonus is not a scam. Slots and bingo players love the bonuses and that’s why the casinos offer them in the first place. What is a scam though is confiscating money from people just because they attempted to cash out without completing the wagering requirements. The biggest majority of roulette players are completely unaware of the bonus Terms & Conditions so confiscating their winnings (and any future winnings) is bang out of order.

The casinos we recommend don’t confiscate money from people who haven’t completed wagering requirements. Better yet, they have free phone support that caters to many different languages so contacting them to tell them you don’t want any bonuses at all is a quick and easy process.

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