Hollandish Roulette Strategy

The Hollandish is a simple roulette system that can be used on any of the even chance bets. It’s another negative progression system which means that you increase your bets after a loss.

The Progression

The progression for the Hollandish is very simple, it is as follows assuming you start out with a £1 bet:

1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9 – 11 and so on, going up by two each time. If you started out with a bet of £2 instead then your progression would look like this:

2 – 6 – 10 – 14 – 18 – 22 and so on. In this case you would increase your bets by four each time. In short, you increase your bets by double your starting amount.

Now one thing that’s very important to understand about the Hollandish system is that you don’t work your way through these progressions like you would with other progressions such as the Martingale.

Instead, you have three bets at each stage of the progression. Whenever you’re in plus, this is classed as a win and you go back to the start of the progression. This would be best explained with an example.

First you need to pick any of the even chance bets such as one of the colours. Then you start at stage one of the progression and you bet that amount three times.

So let’s say you chose to bet on red, you would bet £1 on red three times. If you win two or three of the bets then it’s classed as a win, start over by betting £1 again three times.

If you only win one or none of the bets then it’s classed as a loss and you need to move up to stage two which is betting £3 three times. After betting £3 three times, if you’re in plus from your original bank roll then you go back to stage one of the progression and start over.

If you have less than your starting bankroll then you need to move up to stage three of the progression, betting £5 three times. This process continues over and over again until you’re in plus, at which point you go back to the beginning and start over.

Here is a numerical example to better explain things:

Bet 1 and lose – Bankroll is -1
Bet 1 and lose – Bankroll is -2
Bet 1 and win – Bankroll is -1

Bet 3 and lose – Bankroll is -4
Bet 3 and win – Bankroll is -1
Bet 3 and lose – Bankroll is -4

Bet 5 and lose – Bankroll is -9
Bet 5 and win – Bankroll is -4
Bet 5 and win – Bankroll is +1

At this point your bankroll is in plus so you would go back to betting £1 three times or whatever amount you would like to start with.

Upsides To The Hollandish Strategy

The biggest upside is that it’s a relatively slow progression and it takes much longer for the bets to get too big when compared to systems like the Martingale. You also don’t need as many wins as losses to be in plus as demonstrated by the example.

Downsides To The Hollandish Strategy

It suffers from the same weakness as all roulette strategies: if you lose too many consecutive bets, your bets will becomes too risky and only a prolonged winning run can bring those bets back down and put you back in profit. It can also be a very slow system and it can take many bets just to see a return of one unit.

As with all strategies, you should have a win/loss target and stick to it. You may also want to have a step in mind in the progression where you will take the loss and start over. For example, if it gets to the point where you’re having to bet £15 on each spin (from starting at £1) then this may be too risky for you.

There’s no right or wrong point to walk away; it depends entirely on what kind of player you are, your risk tolerance and your bankroll. Just remember to play within your means and don’t blow all of your bankroll on one progression. While taking a hit mid progression can be disheartening, it’s better than continuing and depleting your bankroll further.

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