Free French Roulette Game Net Entertainment

In terms of house advantage, French roulette is the most favourable for the player. It has the same basic rules as the European game with 37 slots and a 2.7% house advantage. However, when the 0 hits, losing bets on Red/Black, Odd/Even and 1-18/19-36 pay back half.

So a £10 bet on Red with the result being 0 would pay out £5. Sure, it’s not a win, but it’s better than taking a full loss and for this reason, French roulette should be your go to roulette game, especially if real money is on the line.

You won’t find many French roulette games in real casinos other than in France, but most online casinos offer a French variant. The free game below is powered by the fantastic looking Net Entertainment software and has Hot/Cold numbers, auto-play, the option of quick spin and a Racetrack with all of the Call bets. Instructions and tips can be found below.

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How To Play

If you’re an experienced roulette player, the first thing you will notice is that the French roulette table layout is different compared to the European and American games. The outside bets are arranged differently with the most noticeable difference being the French writing and the Dozens which are marked P12, M12 and D12 in the bottom right corner.

Visual differences aside, this game plays like any other version of roulette. You place a bet by selecting a chip and then clicking on the part of the table where you want to bet. You can speed up the game via the options in the bottom left corner by selecting quick spin which will turn off the animation of the ball spinning.

Hot and Cold Numbers

This is a feature that’s found in all our games from Net Entertainment. When you load the game up, you’ll see 4 hot and cold numbers and these numbers are calculated based off the last 500 spins from other people playing this very game all over the world.

Once the game starts, the numbers only change in accordance with your game rather than others around the world; they’re used only to give you the initial numbers.

While it’s interesting to see which numbers are hitting more than others for people all over the world, remember that each spin is independent of the last and each number has a 2.7% chance of hitting on each spin. Hot numbers are no more likely to hit than the cold ones and over the course of thousands of spins, all numbers will go through both hot and cold streaks.