Sumorobo Scam

SumoroboOh dear. The most common roulette system scam for the past few years has been Roulette Bot Plus and Sumorobo is pretty much the exact same thing. The website layout is the same, the “business model” is the same, the promotional material is the same and the software that you’re given works in exactly the same way.

It’s very clear that one of them is a direct copy of the other, but we couldn’t say which one is the original. It wouldn’t surprise us if both of these scams are from the same person.

When you land on the Sumorobo website, you’re told multiple times that you can “beat the roulette” and apparently, $2,500,000 has been won with the program by users. Strangely, they claim to have had over 780,000 downloads but when you divide $2,500,000 by 780,000 people, you’re left with just over $3 per person. They clearly didn’t think it through properly when they were making up these figures.

Just like Roulette Bot Plus, the program is free to download and they claim that the reason they do this is because they rely on the donations of happy winners. You’ll find a PayPal donate button at the bottom of their website and apparently, over $53,000 has been donated since May 2009, despite the fact that Sumorobo didn’t even exist until 2010.

Here are some other nonsense claims from the Sumorobo website:

  • They claim that it is programmed to use “optimal strategy” without making any “betting errors” which is why it’s able to help you “beat the roulette”. It is actually programmed to lose your money but we shall get into exactly why that’s the case lower down.
  • They say that they’re sharing Sumorobo with the world because online casinos have “technical limits on the amounts of money which players are allowed to win” which again, is a load of rubbish. See roulette myths for more information on casinos not limiting winners.
  • On the homepage, they have a list of “monthly winners” but if you come back next month, you’ll see that the names, countries and amounts are exactly the same as the previous month. The whole thing is very clearly fake.

Sumorobo Is A Casino Promotion Scam

When you download the program, you’ll see a list of “tested casinos” where they claim you will be able to win and this is the scam. Every time someone signs up to these casinos, Sumorobo will be paid a commission and it’s why they made the program. They are tricking people into signing up at casinos under the illusion that they will be able to win money, which in reality, just isn’t possible.

The actual strategy that Sumorobo uses is Martingale progressions such as betting on Red or Black and doubling up after a loss which is guaranteed to go bust within a few hours of play. So much for using “optimal strategy”.

What’s worse is that it’s an automated betting bot, meaning that it will place bets all by itself and lose your money on autopilot. It doesn’t get much worse than this. Really, it should be obvious that this is a scam and too good to be true, but amazingly, even in 2016, people are still being fooled by programs like Sumorobo and Roulette Bot Plus.

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