Betfair Casino Review

BetfairBetfair are one of our favourite casinos here at and they’re a favourite of many of our readers as well. One of the reasons why they’re so popular with roulette players are the table limits which are 10p – £5,000 for the regular games and 10p – £2,000 on live games. They’re the best casino for Red/Black betting due to these flexible table limits.

Couple that with the fast cash out times (less than 12 hours), the world class sports betting exchange and poker rooms which are all accessed from the same account and you have one of the best casinos on the Internet. Click here to go to their website.

More About Betfair and What to Expect

Betfair employ over 1800 people in 15 offices around the globe and everyday, over 7 million transactions are made on their betting exchange alone. Needless to say, they have their own in house customer support teams and as pointed out, winning players are always paid within 12 hours with no BS. They accept numerous payment methods, including PayPal.

Betfair Casino Scam?

Since their inception in 1999, Betfair have a very good record of paying winners and honouring bets. However, in 2010 they ran a “Happy Hour” promotion which was aimed at slots players. The wagering requirements were only x10 so a lot of people were winning very easily.

Betfair quickly changed the wagering requirements and refused payout under the old terms of x10 wagering requirements. At the time, the whole thing was a PR nightmare for them. They messed up big time both in offering the promotion in the first place and then changing the terms and conditions.

Normally, such actions would be enough to put us off a casino but for Betfair we make an exception because they are a very good casino that made a mistake, albeit a big one. This incident aside, Betfair have a very good record of paying winning players with no questions asked.

We have been using them for years both for their casino and the betting exchange and never had any issue with them at all and they always pay out within 12 hours, no problem. Betfair is not a scam, not even close.

More On The Casino, Sports and Poker

Betfair have one of the widest range of games that you’re going to find from any online casino. There are 14 roulette games alone, 14 blackjack games and hundreds of slots. You also get all the other casino games that you would expect such as baccarat, craps and hold’em.

One of the best things about Betfair are the table limits which suit both big and small players. As pointed out higher up, you get £0.10 – £5,000 on the roulette games (and that includes outside bets), the blackjack games have table limits of £1 – £1,000 and the slots games allow bets of just 1p per line.

Betfair Live CasinoOn top of that, they have live casino games with multiple roulette, blackjack and baccarat games to choose from. What we like about the live casino are the table limits; the roulette games maintain the 10p minimum bet and there’s a wide range blackjack table limits to choose from as well, some of which have a maximum bet of £5,000 for big players. Click on the image to the right to see a screen shot of how the live dealer lobby looks.

In terms of the betting exchange, sports book and poker room, you get access to all of them from one account so it’s easy to access whichever one of them you want. Pretty much any kind of sport you can think of can be found both in the exchange and the sports book, complete with “in play” betting for both of them.

Betfair have around a 90% market share of exchange betting so if this is an activity that’s of interest to you, this is the place to be. Due to the low odds of the exchange and the fact the you can bet for and against bets, Betfair is a favourite for arbitrage betters, looking to exploit the Betfair odds in conjunction with another bookmaker.

While Betfair will be happy for you to do this all day long, any other major European bookmakers will quickly catch on to what you’re doing and limit your bets so finding other (trustworthy) bookmakers to use in conjunction with Betfair is very difficult. Betfair themselves have no problem with arbitrage bettors.


Betfair are easily one of the best online casinos due to the wide range of games and table limits that they offer, complete with the in house customer support and fast cash out times of less than 24 hours. They come with our full recommendation. Website: