Roulette Odds

In the tables below you will find the odds for both European and American roulette. Here’s a quick brief on what each of the columns mean so that you can fully understand the table:

Bet Type – The type of bet in question.

Numbers Covered – The amount of numbers that the bet covers. Remember that a European wheel has 37 numbers and the American has 38.

Probability Of Winning – The probability of the bet winning (in a percentage) for each individual spin of the wheel.

Odds Of Winning – The ratio of wins to losses which gives you the odds. As an example, there are 37 numbers on a European roulette wheel and the straight up bet covers just one of those, so you can expect it to win one in every 37 spins, so the odds are 1 in 37.

European Roulette Odds
Bet TypeNumbers CoveredProbability Of WinningOdds Of Winning
Straight Up12.7%1 in 37
Split25.41%1 in 18.5
Street38.11%1 in 12.33
Corner410.81%1 in 9.25
0 - 1 - 2 - 3410.81%1 in 9.25
Line616.22%1 in 6.7
Column1232.43%1 in 3.08
Dozen1232.43%1 in 3.08
1-18 and 19-361848.65%1 in 2.06
Odd/Even1848.65%1 in 2.06
Red/Black1848.65%1 in 2.06
American Roulette Odds
Bet TypeNumbers CoveredProbability Of WinningOdds Of Winning
Straight Up12.63%1 in 38
Split25.26%1 in 19
Street37.89%1 in 12.67
Corner410.53%1 in 9.5
5 Number513.16%1 in 7.6
Line615.79%1 in 6.33
Column1231.58%1 in 3.17
Dozen1231.58%1 in 3.17
1-18 and 19-361847.37%1 in 2.11
Odd/Even1847.37%1 in 2.11
Red/Black1847.37%1 in 2.11

If you compare the tables, you will notice that the European game has better odds all round and that’s because the payouts for both games are exactly the same, but there’s an extra slot of the American game (00) which pushes the odds up.

House Edge – Overall, European roulette has a 2.7% house advantage and American roulette has a house advantage of 5.26% which is why you should always play the European (or French) version of the game when possible.

On the Internet, pretty much every casino offers at least one European game so there’s no need to play the American version. The casinos that we recommend offer multiple French and European games. When it comes to real casinos, you will find, as the names suggest, European games in Europe and the American games in the USA. There are exceptions though; some Las Vegas casinos offer European roulette and some “up market” casinos in the UK only offer the American game, especially in London.

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